Our Apartments for sale, in Summit, Addis Ababa have the following facilities including:


Communication Solutions 

  • Postal services
  • Wi-Fi internet Line pre-installed
  • All Data and electric lines are underground
  • Fixed telephone lines are underground

Maintenance and Repair Service

  • Electrical System Service
  • Sanitary Service
  • One year Warranty of Equipments

Pool, Gym and More

  • Swimming pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Sauna and steam bath service
  • Restaurant
  • Supermarket
  • Day Care Service
  • Bank / Insurance

Property Features

  • Best Quality Electrical and sanitary fixtures
  • Green inside the compound
  • Residents may change internal wall paint
  • Visitors temporary parking near building


  • Separate Parking building with 2 basement and 4 top floors  
  • Asphalt road
  • Electrical lines are all underground
  • Septic tank followed by mechanical system

Additional Features

  • Mini Soccer
  • Basket Court
  • Walking area
  • Pharmacy
  • Clinic and more

Contact Us

በ +251 901 44 3333 ይደውሉ! ከጥሩ መስተንግዶ ጋር እናሳይዎታለን፡፡

Join a lovely community, a home away from home

Make an appointment today, call +251 901 44 3333

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